New xiaomi air charger Features :

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge can charge phones wirelessly from a distance -  SlashGear
mi air charger

Hi friends, recently xiaomi (mi) launched mi air charger.Its mean now you can say cables bye bye.Becasue redmi new charger is truly wireless charger, which can charge your phone without cable.

Features of this charger:

1.It can charge multiple device at time,with the power of 5W.

2. You can charge your mobile upto 2 meters area around this charger.

3.At this time its not available in market but after sometimes it will be available in market.

4. Its not so much costly.

How its works:

Xiaomi announced that now you can charge your device wirelessly ,without taking your phone on charging wireless stand. This Charger can charge multiple device at the same time with a power of can cover upto 2 meter area around the charger.It contain 144 antenna transmitted millimeter wave and five phase interference antennas to understand the location of the smartphone. These wave automatically caught by the receiving 14 antenna arrays and convert into electric energy.

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